Park City Hiking
The Park City hiking trails are some of the best in the country. Our hiking experts can arrange a Park City hiking adventure that will fit your exact needs and desires. We can start you off with a mellow, guided walk in the local Park City mountains all the way to a strenuous mountain climb of one of our local peaks. 

Exclusive Excursions can tailor a combination of Park City hiking with cave tours, Park City mountain biking, alpine slide ride or white water rafting. We can also provide Salt Lake Hiking adventures that provide exceptional views of Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch Mountain Ranges. All Park City hiking excursions include water and snacks and all have the option of including a full picnic lunch.

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"All Tours Are Private!"
Salt Lake City Hikes
Want to explore Salt Lake City’s natural areas but not sure where to start? Whether you’re looking for an easier hike along the foothills above downtown or something more challenging in the cottonwood canyons, we can find the adventure you’re looking for! These tours are great for those only spending a short time in the area but don’t want to miss out on the natural beauty!

Time: 4-5 hours
Cost: $89 for adult, $65 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

Salt Lake Hike

Two Waterfall Hikes & Tour of Sundance
We will pick you up in Park City and drive you down to beautiful Provo Canyon, about a 45 minute drive. In Provo Canyon we will do 2 waterfall hikes, each hike is about 30-45 minutes round trip depending on desired pace. After the hikes, we will take you to Robert Redford’s famous Sundance Resort where we will do a small tour of the Village. Enjoy lunch at the Deli or for an extra $25 for guide wait time, you can have a nice sit down lunch at the rustic Foundry Grill!

Rate: $85 Adults, $75 Kids

Sundance-waterfall tour

Daly Canyon Hiking Excursion
From your lodging in Park City, we will pick you up and drive you through historic Main Street and up through old town to our trailhead.  The adventure begins with a 2 mile hike up the canyon.  The hike starts through a thick pine tree forest.  After the forest, there is an overlook of the historic old town district of Park City.  Continuing up the mountain, we will encounter remains of the old Judge Mine and Smelting Company.  There are ruins of old mining cars, rail road trestles and buildings.  The canyon is rich with mining history, overlooks of Park City and plenty of woodland and wildlife.  The top of the hike ends at the Ontario Mine, which was the largest silver mine in Park City.  We will tell you the history of Park City silver mining along with some entertaining stories and facts.

Gret hike for both sunsets and full moons.
Full moon schedule:

  • May 28 - 30
  • June 26 - 28
  • July 26 - 28
  • August 25 - 27
  • September 23 - 26

Time: 2-3 hours
Cost: $65 for adult, $55 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)
Cost includes: round trip transportation from Park City, guide, snacks and waters

daly hike
Timpanogos Cave Hike

You will be picked up from your Park City lodging and the adventure begins at the Timpanogos Caves which is about 60 minutes from Park City.  Once we arrive at the destination, the caves are accessed via a strenuous 1 1/2-mile-paved hiking trail, which rises 1,065 ft to an elevation of 6,730 feet above sea level. The hike is steep, however, the entire trail is paved with plenty of benches to take a break and enjoy the scenery.  After the hike up, the US Forest Rangers will guide you on an hour tour of a network of three caves.  The caves are equipped with walkways and railings and the rangers have a “light show” to illustrate stories and unique features of the caves. This activity is great for families!

Time: 4-5 hours
Cost: $99 per person for 2 people
For 3 or more people add: $89 for adult, $75 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

cave hike

Stewart Falls Hike
From Park City, we will drive you to the famous Sundance Resort. Once we arrive there, you will enjoy a scenic chairlift ride to the trailhead of the Stewart Falls hike. Hiking begins through the mountain forest and continues across the high meadows ending at the falls.  Here you can get wet and relax at the falls before the journey back.  It is beginner hiking with mostly flat terrain.  Together the chairlift and hiking take about 3 hours.  Then it is about a 45 minute drive back to Park City. 

Time: 4-5 hours
Cost: $99 per person for 2 people
For 3 or more people add: $89 for adult, $75 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

waterfall hike

Combined Stewart Falls
& Timpanogos Caves Hike

Combine the Timpanogos Caves and Stewart Falls hikes for an ultimate all day hiking adventure. Between the hikes, you will be served lunch on the bus while we take you through the American Fork pass down to the Sundance Resort.  This 25 minute drive offers some of the most beautiful views in Utah!

Time: 7-9 hours
Cost: $155 per person for two adults
For three or more people: $140 per adult, $90 per child
*(lunch is included in rate)

combo hike
Park City Hike & Slide
Hike starts at historic Main Street in Park City.  From there, you hike up into the mountains overlooking Park City.  The mountains are full of mining ruins, stunning views and beautiful nature and wildlife.  After the hike, enjoy the thrill of the Park City alpine slide back down to the base of the resort.

Time: 3 hours
Cost: $89 for adult, $65 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

slide & hike
Exclusive Excursions Signature Collection

Want to see silver mine ruins, mountain peaks and lakes all in the same day?  Want to see all of them in just a half day without overexerting yourself?  Then this is the perfect excursion for you.  In about 5 hours, we will do 3-4 different hikes each showcasing a lake, peak or mining ruins.  All the hikes are about 20 minutes driving distance from each other and each hike is less than 1 hour in round trip length!  Any ability can do this excursion and it is also great for families.  This is a good excursion if you want to experience fantastic scenery from many different areas around Park City but still want to do some hiking as well.

Time: 5-6 hours
Cost: $89 per adult, $65 per child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)


Customized Park City Hiking
Whatever your taste, we can arrange easy hiking around Park City and to Jordanelle Reservoir overlooks or we can take you on all day mountain  “hikes” such as Mt. Olympus or Mt. Timpanogos.  Please call us for rates and details.
custom hiking
Activity rates do not include taxes or gratuities for guides. If you enjoy your experience, please show your appreciation.