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Park City biking trails are truly world renowned.  Skilled competitors from all around the globe travel here to compete in the many summer Park City mountain biking tournaments.  Summit County, including Park City, has hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails that cater to all ages and skill levels of biking.  Let Exclusive Excursions take you on some of our favorite Park City biking trails. Bikes and helmets are included in rental price but feel free to bring your own and enjoy a $20 discount.

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A sample of the seemingly endless trails around Park City

Rail Trail Biking Excursion
Starting in the heart of Park City, the historic Rail Trail is a 10 ft wide gravel biking trail that takes you out of town into the beautiful countryside.  The trail is mostly flat to a gentle downhill grade the entire time making for an easy mountain biking experience. The trail runs along a wetland nature preserve and winds through the valley roughly 13 miles to neighboring city, Wanship.  The Rail Trail caters to beginner riders and riders who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery.  The rail trail provides fun Park City biking for small children.

The guide on this excursion will be in the support car the entire time and will have multiple checkpoints to make sure tour is going well.  If you would like to have a guide ride along with you in addition to the support driver, it would be an extra $75 for the second guide. 

Time: 2-4 hours
Cost: $85 for adult, $70 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

Combined Single Track & Rail Trail
Start off your biking day with a fun single track ride the overlooks the Park City valley.  The adventure begins with a small uphill ascent along the mountainside overlooking Park City and Historic Main Street.  After a half mile, the downhill Park City biking adventure begins.  This gentle mountain biking trail will thrill you with winding turns, which take you deep in the wilderness and on the mountain edge overlooking the city.  The trail is a single-track trail, which has enough turns to thrill you but which is also free of obstacles such as large rocks and stumps, thus catering to a beginner to intermediate mountain biking crowd.  The single-track trail ends at a small beautiful community park where we will give you a light snack, after which you can begin the gentle downhill descent on the popular historic Rail Trail.  This combination of Utah biking trails caters beginner to intermediate riders.

Time: 3-5 hours
Cost: $99 for adult, $80 for child (add $12.50 for a full picnic lunch)

mountain biking
Bike, Hike & Sundance Resort
This all day excursion includes hiking, biking, a tour of Robert Redford's Sundance resort and an optional scenic chairlift ride.  We will pick you up at your lodging in Park City and take you on a beautiful 45 minute drive to the top of the glacier carved Provo Canyon.  The drive involves driving by two beautiful reservoirs, small Utah towns and stunning views of Utah's 12,000 ft peaks. 

The Provo River Parkway Biking Excursion starts in a small canyon adjacent to Provo Canyon at the gates of a national forest.  The paved road winds down the canyon about 4 miles until it reaches Vivian Park; which is right next to the Provo River in Provo Canyon.  Then the trail turns into a paved bike lane and runs along the Provo River for about 8 miles until you reach the mouth of the canyon.  On the trail, you will experience bridges across the river, beautiful parks and ponds, waterfalls and tunnels. This is very beautiful bike ride and it is mostly a gentle downhill grade. 

About 5 miles before the bottom, there is a beautiful 2 tier waterfall called Bridal Veil Falls.  We will park the bikes and do a small 15 minute hike to the base of the falls.  Here you can look over the valley and enjoy the mist of the falls blowing in your face. 

After the hike, we will continue to ride down into the city of Provo, Utah where the trail ends.  After the trail we will do a 15 minute drive back up Provo canyon until we reach the famous Sundance Resort.  Here we will do a small tour of the resort village and ski area.  We can have the option to have lunch at the delicious Foundry Grill or do a picnic lunch ourselves by the river.  After lunch we have the option to do a 45 minute scenic chairlift ride.  At the end of the day, it is a nice relaxing 45 minute drive back to Park City.

Time: Total Excursion will last 6-7 hours
Cost: $155 per person for 2 people
For 3 or more people: $140 for adult, $125 for child
Cost includes: bike rental and guide, round trip transportation from Park City, Sundance tour and chairlift ticket, waters and snacks.
Cost does not include: taxes or gratuities, lunch (add $12.50 for picnic lunch or we can make reservations for you at the Foundry Grill)

sundance tour

biking sundance

Customized Single Track Mountain Biking
Whether you have never been on a mountain bike or are a professional downhill rider, we can customize a single track Park City mountain bike ride just for you.  Since Park City has over 350 miles of trails, it is very easy to plan a trail that fits your exact needs and desires! 

For beginners, we can plan a ride that starts with dirt roads that ease into friendly single track trails.  Let us know how much exercise you want and we can make the trail either an all downhill grade or put some hills in there to make your legs burn. 

For you intermediate mountain bikers, we can take you on the Mid Mountain Trail, which is known as one of the country's top 10 mountain bike trails.  This trail sits at 8000 feet and has both up and downhill grades and views second to none! 

Call us and we will create the perfect mountain bike trail ride that you will always remember!

Time: 2-3 hours (longer rides can be set up as well)
Cost: $99 for adult, $80 for child

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 “I hoped to accomplish this objective on my biking vacation - exposing my wife and daughter (age 17) to biking. I explained to Jeff how I wanted a scenic, relaxing, non-pressure day of cycling for them to let them feel some of the joy I do on a bike, and how I want to incorporate more biking into our vacations. He came up with a two stage day, which started with a beautiful, slow descent along a deserted mountain road with a van following in case it was needed. After a delicious and ample lunch an easy, scenic trail was taken and enoyed by all. Jeff's planning and easy manner made this a successful day.
I heartily recommend Exclusive Excusions for your vacation needs in Park City
Bob B.
Dallas, TX

Activity rates do not include taxes or gratuities for guides. If you enjoy your experience, please show your appreciation.