Our Favorite Businesses

Visitors and locals alike always have questions about our favorite businesses in the area. Where to eat, favorite shop or bar, even locals want to know the best local service providers. So we started a list of our favorites and will add to it as we go along. Hope it helps.

Good Steps
Adjustable dog steps...wow! Adjust to fit any dog from puppies to seniors, Dachshunds to rehab patients. Invented right here in Park City.

Park City Tile Contractors
Awesome workmanship and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Grounds Maintenance Services
Decades of experience and a great reputation make GMS our go-to landscape and maintenance company.

ProClass Web Design
These guys are great...they built our website!

South Jordan Self Storage & Sugarhouse Self Storage 
Although they are down the hill in SLC these two sister facilities are the cleanest, the nicest staffed, and best value we know of. And, hey, they are only 20 minutes down the hill.

Park City Esthetician
Professional service from an expert in skin care.

Provines Painting
Quality, reliability, service, plus top notch painting.