Great Salt Lake Boat Tours
For the first time in literally decades there is now a boat tour of the Great Salt Lake! Jeff and crew have made this one-of-a-kind experience possible and show once again how they are the leaders in activities in this area.  I loved the "tour" and the family especially loved floating around in a no-sink environment! Tip: Be sure to bring sunblock! S. Foster

Tour the Great Salt Lake by Boat

(Tour Season from mid-April to late October)
The Great Salt Lake is truly a magical and unique world destination. Known as the largest salty body of water in the Western Hemisphere, it attracts visitors from all around the globe. The Great Salt Lake Marina is one of the busiest marinas in the state and even is home to the country's longest running yacht club. For years, locals and visitors have been asking about boat tours that actually go onto the lake and now they are finally here! Come enjoy a simple boat ride, a saltwater float or a spectacular sunset cruise while at the lake. During certain weeks of the season, there are some bugs that hang around the shoreline but we will keep your face bug free with our beekeeper style hats while we exit the marina during those times. Once out on the lake, the bugs are gone and the only thing getting in your way are the views! Where else do you think Salt Lake City got its name? Come experience why!

Tours depart daily from the Great Salt Lake Marina, which is in the Great Salt Lake State Park. Located off Exit 104 on Interstate 80. The marina is about 10 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from downtown Salt Lake.

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What to Bring
  • Swimsuit and towel (for swimming tours)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun block
  • Cash for gratuities

What We Provide
  • Waters
  • Free picture taking (with your phone or ours)
  • Stories and jokes

Boat marina at Great Salt Lake

45-Minute Boat Tour

We will embark on a short boat ride around the marina area to hear some stories, jokes and history about the lake. During the tour, we will stop to do a few demonstrations about the salt water, local aquatic life and of course have time for a good picture or two. Since it’s only 45 minutes and the lake is so big and wide, we just stay near the marina and this tour is not a high speed boat ride because the captain likes to give commentary the whole time.

Details Cost: $33 per adult, $25 per child
$39 per adult on Saturday and Sunday.
       Call 435-640-2907 to Book       Book Online       Check Forecast
Great Salt Lake shoreline, Utah

2-hour Sightseeing and Swimming/Floating Boat Tour

We do everything in the 45 minute tour but in addition to that tour, we will get to swim and float in the saltiest body of water in the Western Hemisphere! We will make two stops out on the lake to experience a 20-30 minute float break at each stop. Enjoy bobbing like a cork and just try to make yourself sink, it’s humanly impossible! Or just grab one of our floatation pillows for your head and just lay back, relax and feel total weightlessness. Waters and a light snack will be provided.

Details Cost: $70 for adult, $55 for child
$75 per adult on Saturaday and Sunday
       Call 435-640-2907 to Book       Book Online       Check Forecast

Sunset over Great Salt Lake

1-Hour Private Sunset Tour

Head out on the boat with us and experience the prettiest sunsets in Salt Lake City. Enjoy the breathtaking views of our inland ocean and learn the history and stories of this unique area! We will also serve some Utah Champagne (non alcoholic sparkling cider) while enjoying the views. Other F&B can be brought or purchased on request.

Details Cost (9 passenger):
1 hour sunset tour in 9 passenger boat: $250
1.5 hour sunset tour on 9 passenger boat: $300

Cost (12 passenger):
1 hour sunset tour in 12 passenger boat: $300
1.5 hour sunset tour in 12 passenger boat: $350.
       Call 435-640-2907 to Book
$230 / hr
Pontoon boat on Great Salt lake

Private Boat Charters

Have a group of 6 or more or just want a private boat to go and do as you command? We are here for you. We can enjoy the views of the lake, float and swim, enjoy a sunset or full moon, and even find some secluded remote beaches to sit back and soak up the sun and salt!

Details Cost:
  • $230 per hour for 9 passenger boat
  • $250 per hour for 12 passenger boat
  • Boats are an extra $50 per hour on Saturdays and Sundays
*Two hour minimum on all private boat charters
**Our captain is required to drive the boat for you and is included in the hourly rate

       Call 435-640-2907 to Book      
Paddle boarder on Great Salt Lake

Stand-Up Paddleboard and Tandem Kayak Rentals

Want to enjoy the lake on your own? Rent a SUP or kayak and be your own captain! You can exercise, swim and just relax!

Details Cost: $40 per SUP for a two-hour rental

$40 per Tandem Kayak for a two-hour rental

       Call 435-640-2907 to Book       Book Online
Comparison Chart
Activity Name
Activity Details
Informative 45 minute tour
Incl: waters
* $39 per adult on weekends
.75 hr
$33/ adult -
$25/ child
2 hour Sightsee, Swim, Float Incl: waters, snacks, floatation devices
* $75 per adult on weekends
2 hrs
$70/ adult -
$55/ childs
1 hour Sunset Cruise
Incl: waters, non-alchoholic champagne, snacks 1 hr
$250 / hr
Private Charters
boat seats up to 9 people
2+ hrs
$200 / hr
2 hour SUP & Kayak Rentals
Incl: SUP/Kayak, life jacket, paddle
2+ hrs
$40 / 2hrs